Where is Application Type (XAML vs D3D) saved? XAML built locally, but not in jenkins.

I recently changed our project from D3D to XAML due to adding an XAML plugin.
When I build locally it builds and runs fine.

But I noticed that changing the Build Type from D3D to XAML (or vice versa) does not show any change in our version controlled files (eg ProjectSettings.asset).

Hence when I try to have jenkins build the project, it builds it as D3D not XAML.

What am I missing?! How can I get it to build as XAML not D3D?

The documentation doesn't seem to describe how/where this is saved/specified.

Unity Version: 2020.3.24f1

It is unfortunately saved inside the library folder as "machine local" preference.. which I agree is pretty stupid. The best workaround for now that I can offer is setting it through script that kicks off your build using this API: https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/EditorUserBuildSettings-wsaUWPBuildType.html

Thank you. I eventually found that by doing a larger manual search of files with Beyond Compare changed when changing the setting.

I agree this is a very strange place for a required build setting.
I did add the change to our build script and it worked, thank you.

if (buildTarget == BuildTarget.WSAPlayer)
    EditorUserBuildSettings.wsaUWPBuildType = WSAUWPBuildType.XAML;

It is also bad/strange that while a search for XAML does show the build type enumeration I don't see it highlighting that this is a local user setting vs a global project setting. Seems important enough that it should be.

I only found it since I found the file modified, so instead I searched for EditorUserBuildSettings for https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/EditorUserBuildSettings.html, then scrolling through that saw the entry that you refer to:
wsaUWPBuildType The build type for the Universal Windows Platform.