where is Bake IK & Simulation?


so I'm trying the get some animations from Maya onto my player in Unity 3.1.0 and when I start the game the animation plays fine except for some crazy spasms. I checked and double-checked and can fine no problems in Maya and I also tried with different free rigs that I downloaded and they also do it even very simple animations.

So, I went to the Unity Manual and looked it up, her is what I found...

"If you are using IK to animate characters you have to select the imported .mb file in Project View and choose Bake IK & Simulation in the Import Settings dialog in the Inspector."

Okay, so I guess thats what I need to do, BUT, I just can't find this "Bake IK & Simulation" anywere.. I can't even find the "Import Settings dialog"

can anyone tell me more specifically where this Bake IK & Simulation is?

thank you. Ro9


It's called "Bake Animations" now.

I assume you're exporting animation from Maya to fbx manually, so you need to enable "Bake animation" checkbox in FBXExporter window (it's under Animation section).

Okay I found the reason for the problem, it has nothing to do with Bake Animation, since I'm using Maya 2011 I needed to go into the export settings and switch to version FBX 2009 and use ASCII (its set to Binary by default)

thank you guys for your help anyway tho'