Where is my licence and payment method ?


I have the account Nitrid Game. Since your last update, I notice some problems with my account. First it was difficult to login to my account. Then, even if I can use the licenses I paid, I can’t see my license on my setting and the payment method. So where I can see the license I bought and the method payment?

Thank you for your help

  1. Login
  2. Click drop down menu for your account(upper right)
  3. Click Edit Account
  4. Click “My Seats” listed in the left nav menu
  5. Depending on your license, if you purchased a perpetual license you will need to click the link “manage your other licenses” to see the old ones. If you have subscribed to a license they have moved to a per seat model. If you have a perpetual license you should have been setting email stating(if you purchased pro) that they would make you an offer for a subscription in September(IRC).

Disclaimer: i’m not a unity employee, you should be contacting support, this is primarily a unity community/a.k.a. normal people Q&A forum.