Where is my terrain asset?

I created a terrain, imported height map, painted it, smoothed it, all that... now I want to load the asset into another scene, but that's where I am stuck now.

I can't find the terrain asset for this terrain anywhere in my Assets folder. In the Inspector for the Terrain Collider, the "Terrain Data" field shows the tree icon but an empty name field (see screen shot). When I look in the Terrain Data list it shows terrains that are in my Assets and then a section for "Scene" which is where this unnamed terrain exists. That tells me that my terrain only exists in the scene and not in Assets.

How can I get my Scene terrain into my Assets?

alt text

You didn't happen to do that in Play mode by any chance? I'm not sure there's much you can do about it if that's the case.

Here is what you need to do, in your project tab, click create–>Prefab.

Then drag and drop your terrain from your scene onto that prefab. You can use that prefab in other scenes now.