Where is Ping Pong mode in Animation Window?

Hi, guys!
I was following a Pluralsight tutorial about Unity3D, and I couldn’t find where is the Ping Pong mode in animation windows in Unity3D 4.3. Please, help me.

Something got confused between the new (2) and legacy (1) Animation Types.

Here is how I got this working with the Stealth tutorial which doesn’t use an AnimationController for the CCTV camera but one appeared when following steps for the tute in U4.6

To repro:

  • Select animation in Assets
  • Right click Inspector tab and change to Debug
  • Set Animation Type to 1 (this is the Legacy mode - see also Animation Must be marked as legacy - Unity Answers)
  • Set Wrap Mode to Default in the Asset
  • Select object (e.g. prop_cctvCam_joint) in Hierarchy)
  • Set Wrap Mode to Ping Pong in the Animator Component

Click on the model or animation in the asset window.
On the right-hand side you will see the options for the asset, and you can specify the wrap mode to be ping pong.


To access it right click the inspector tab (right above the words AxeIdle in your image), and choose debug. Inside, you will be able to change the wrap mode.

Note, if you wish for the animation to ping pong, and then continue repeating, you have to click loop time.