Where is the best place to learn javascript?

Any websites that people use, directories, tutorials etc. anything that can help. Thanks! =)

Javascript in Unity isn't really Javascript, it's a unique language sometimes called Unityscript. It used to be almost identical to JScript.NET, but Unity 3.0 added a number of features (see here). It might be better to learn another language first that has more learning resources, and then apply that programming knowledge to Unityscript later, using something like this for the differences.

This guy TornadoTwins he is really awesome. He explains a little bit of about everything about Unity3D and he is especially fucusing on scripting(JavaScript) Watch all of hes videos(29 episodes i believe) and you will be on the way very nicely. :)


Hope this is satisfying enough :)

All you'll ever need:



And our professor also gave us this, but I don't know what it is: