Where is the general Rigidbodies Drag?

Hello guys, I’ve created a new project today on Unity and I realized that the rigidbodies are so slow to fall for example, I’ve been researching and the problem is the coefficient drag BUT I can’t find it anywhere… I’ve been searching on Physics Manager on Project Settings and I didn’t find it… Could someone tell me how can I resolve this without increase the gravity? Thanks in advance.

Movement and scale are relative. Think that you are in space and have “nothing” (literally nothing) nearby you. Than can you say that you are moving, turning, standing up or upside-down? You can’t. The velocity and movement are measured relative to another referance.

The measure units we use in real life are all scaled from a “referance” defined by General Conference on Weights and Measures, in International System of Units (a.k.a. SI units). There is no measure unit that references it’s own. For example “Meter” measurement: 1 meter is defined with the distance that light travels in 1/299.792.458 seconds.

Physics system in unity works in that way too. You may notice that there are no measure units in rigidbody settings, that’s because we don’t need them to adjust our virtual world. You can set one of your object’s mass to 1 and other to 2 and the second one will be double weight of first. And will actually go double slower than the first one if you apply same force to both of them.

So, if you adjust every rigidbody and scale value to real values in you scene, then every physics operation may seem more realistic too.

Best wishes!

If your Rigidbodies have a drag of 0 already, then this is probably a scale issue as Owen Reynolds says. Remember that falling speed is an acceleration, 9 metres per second per second. Therefore, scale is important. If your object is 9 metres tall, it will accelerate by its own height each second. If it is 90cms tall, it will appear to move ten times quicker.
Note: Unity scales relative to parent. One way to measure reliably is to create a fresh unparented Cube and place it alongside your object. The cube is 1 cubic metre.

If the scale is right, its falling speed should be correct for an object of that size in a vacuum, assuming drag is still 0 (this is actually faster than it would be in conventional experience, but not by a noticable amount initially). If it still looks slow, I would check your Time settings.

If the time is also set standard, all objects should be falling correctly. It may be an optical illusion if the fall looks slow.

Yes it’s a “empty” project, just created, and I put some rigidbodies, shall I configure something? I don’t remember nothing about changing “gravity” or something like that when I started a new project.
edit: sorry for post answer I didn’t realize.