Where is the persistent data path on my Android phone?

I saved a file with:

System.IO.File.WriteAllText(Application.persistentDataPath + "/abc.txt", text);

Now where is this “abc.txt” file on my android phone? I can’t find the file.

print / Debug.log(Application.persistentDataPath) to see it for any device

Start at the root of your device
If you have an External sdcard mounted, check there too.

In Windows I’m pretty sure it’s Username\AppData\Local\Packages
(docs are here: Unity - Scripting API: Application.persistentDataPath)

Though you can reference the project location internally as well,

Go to your device explorer on your mobile device, then press on the 3 dots in right top corner, scroll down and enable “Show hidden system files”.
Internal memory/Android/data/.com.Company.Game