Where is the Unity Asset Store?

Sorry if I'm asking a dumb question but what is the URL for the Unity Asset Store. The Unity main site describes an asset store but I cant find the link to it on the page.

It's only really accessible from inside unity itself

Go to Window > Asset Store, or hit Ctrl 9 on windows, Cmd 9 on mac

Cmd 9 on mac, Ctrl on windows, and if your in side your project you can go to the top which says window go down and you will find the asset store, click on it.

I struggled to find the asset store to begin with too. I’m still rather confused why we are forced to go through the editor to access it. Most of the time when I want to browse the asset store I’m not on a PC which has the editor installed, because when I do have the editor available I’m trying to make the most of my time available by actually building something.

The weird part is that even though there appears to be nowhere on the Unity website to search the asset store, assets in the store regularly show up in Google searches. So here’s an alternative for anyone else who is in my situation…

Go to Google and enter your search as shown below, replacing “searchterm” with whatever you want to search for. This will return you only results in the asset store, giving the description of the item and a button to open it in the editor.

searchterm site:u3d.as

This seems like one of those issues that seems obvious on the Unity side but is counter intuitive to people attempting to make use of on of Unity's features.

I spent ten minutes clicking around trying to find where on the page to access the store. I don't have an issue making the store only available from the IDE, it's just why don't you put that information on your site?

Have you considered adding a sentence at this link to state that clearly? http://unity3d.com/unity/editor/asset-store

Everyone wait. The answer is. When you look up unity on google or aol, Mozilla, ect. It gives you unity game development. You then click on that then you should be at unity. The first page that opens should 2011-2012 (unity 3) is out skip that and press unity it should say that at the top. Then when you press on that it opens up a main page, under unity at the top it has a selection from publishing to editor. One of those says asset store you should find it then. I know what your going through. Unity is a good engine, but it is expensive ($1500), a little sloppy with the site over view. But, I like the platform. Enjoy unity.