Where is Unity 4 demo project located?

In Earlier version of Unity I just had to start it and the Angry Bots demo project would load.

Now that I installed Unity4, I have nothing. No demo project. Even though I chose the option during install to have an example project.

So where is it?? I don’t see any project in Unity’s install folder, so I have no idea where or even what to look for.


I’ve found it!

It’s not where you’d expect it to be… Here’s where Unity 4 installer threw the demo project (Windows XP):

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Unity Projects\4-0_AngryBots\Assets\AngryBots.unity

I think the reason it ended in that profile is because Unity installed for “all user” on the computer, thus ended up in the default “All Users” profile’s documents.

I hope this helps others. If it does, vote it!


P.S.: This version of AngryBots is full of bugs… :frowning:

Using Unity 4.1.5/Windows 7, found my AngryBots (default demo project) under:

C:\Users\Public\Documents\Unity Projects

Those are locations for Windows; on Mac it’s


I have found it in Library, then Unity Projects

Thanks Sirius. For Windows 8.1, same basic spot: C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Unity Projects