Where is Unity Network Demo?

I’ve looked through many answers on this site about networking, NetworkRigidBody, etc. I’ve searched the web and unity pages, but come up with nothing.

Could someone please direct me to it?

As Benproductions1 states, Unity has a multiplayer demo? Please provide the source link where you got this information.

I would suggest start with Photon :

There was a Networking project with networking code a long time ago. It was under the Learn section with Lerpz, which is now also been removed =(.

I’ve uploaded as much of the project as I can in compliance to UA attachment sizes. The only things missing are the ground mesh for the racing cars and the lerpz model.

The files are [16413-networking.zip|16413].

I assume me sharing this is allowed because it was publicly available back then… If this is not allowed and I’m breaking the rules, I’ll take it off.