Where is Unity5 Built-in shaders?

Hello, I have manually written vertex/fragment shaders, I want to fog works by them.

I read Unity5.0 Upgrade Guide / Shaders.
That page says,

For manually written vertex/fragment
shaders, fog does not happen
automagically now. You need to add
#pragma multi_compile_fog and fog handling macros to your shader code.
Check out built-in shader source, for
example Unlit-Normal how to do it.

So, I go to Unity download archive and try to download Unity5 Built-in shaders,
but displayed “Not Found” page.

Where is Unity5 Unity5 Built-in shaders?

I have also uploaded shaders to github Unity-Builtin-Shaders-2017.2.0f3/README.md at master · KrzysztofBogdan/Unity-Builtin-Shaders-2017.2.0f3 · GitHub

Unity5 Built-in shaders are now download available from Unity download archive.