Where is UnityPurchasingEditor, TargetAndroidStore and AndroidStore?

Hi everyone. I am working on my build script in order to publish my first game on Android and I am facing a problem regarding switching target stores from that script. Am I blind or there is no API describing UnityPurchasingEditor, TargetAndroidStore and AndroidStore? After long search via Google I found some info, but I find it so aggravating to not be able to read API docs regarding such important topics.

While compiling my script I am informed that:

warning ‘UnityPurchasingEditor.TargetAndroidStore(AndroidStore)’ is obsolete: ‘Use TargetAndroidStore(AppStore) instead’.

Yeah sure, but where is? I tried searching the documentation but no luck.

What I am trying to do is:

public class Build {

  [MenuItem("Build/Build Google")]

    public static void BuildGoogle () {






Use AppStore instead AndroidStore: