Where should asset bundles go on Mac?

Works on Windows, but on Mac, my asset bundles don't load. Checking the log, I see:

... MyGame.app/Contents/../assetbundles/......

So it's looking for a folder called MyGame.app, but I don't see such a thing in the Finder. I suppose I need to move my assetbundles folder into it. I tried creating one, but Mac complained about the .app extension and didn't create it.

What gives?

Silly me, I trusted the code I'd borrowed from some posting somewhere, which claimed to set the correct path no matter the player being used. I found I needed an extra '/..' on my path string, that did the trick.

The .app extension refers to an application package, when double clicked it behaves like a binary, but it is actually running the open command to read the application package.

Selecting "show package contents" will from the context(rightclick) menu will show you what it actually contains.

Under the MacOS "program files" are stored in


  • /Library/Application\ Support/Yourprogramsname

or the current user

  • ~/Library/Application\ Support/Yourprogramsname

if you import system for the .net framework you can use

Windows: System.Environment.GetFolderPath(System.Environment.SpecialFolder.LocalApplicationData)


  • This gets you the path to the current user, the last part points to the library for the current user.

System.Environment.GetFolderPath (System.Environment.SpecialFolder.Personal) + "/Library/Application Support/yourgamesfolder"

I had to put it in MyGame.app/Contents/Data/