Where should I store text files I intend to edit?

Okay, so I have some xml documents (stored as txt cause I heard mobile has trouble with xml, but that’s a different question) that I intend to access and edit at runtime. I’ve learned that you can’t write to files in the resources folder, so that leaves me with a kinda dumb question: where should I put these files? I know that I should (probably) access them using Application.PersistantDataPath, but I wonder if I need to set up the folder before exporting. Or do I just need to do something along the lines of

WhateverTheLoadFunctionIs(Application.PersistantDataPath + filename + ".txt") ;
WhateverTheSaveFunctionIs(Application.PersistantDataPath + filename + ".txt", editedFile);

Follow up: would this require any changes across platforms?

yes you can use it as u stated although its different from pc to mobile

 folderPath = (Application.platform == RuntimePlatform.Android || Application.platform == RuntimePlatform.IPhonePlayer ? Application.persistentDataPath : Application.dataPath)+"/myDataFolder/";

filePath = folderPath  + fileName + ".txt";

if (!Directory.Exists (folderPath)) {
				Directory.CreateDirectory (folderPath);	

            File.WriteAllText(filePath, "hello world");   
            string readText = File.ReadAllText(filePath);
            string appendText = "This is extra text" ;
            File.AppendAllText(filePath, appendText);