Where to download GVRVideoPlayer.unitypackage?

I use Google VR SDK for Unity v1.10 run VideoDemo (Daydream/Cardboard),but display the string “Video Support libraries not found or could not be loaded! Please add the GVRVideoPlayer.unitypackage to this project”,GVRVideoPlayer.unitypackage is missing,Where did i to go to download this unitypackage?Does anyone know?

Hi you find the “GVRVideoPlayer.unitypackage” inside of the “GoogleVRForUnity.package”. You have install this first and you will find it after import in “Asserts/GoogleVR”. For here you have to import this for android.

Then everything should work for you! :slight_smile:

I also had to search for a while.


I found it and it imported but I still get the same message. Does anyone know why?