Where to even begin? Character design, x-code integration, etc?

I tried googling this and searching through old forum posts but I’m such a noob I don’t even know what to put in the search box that will get me anything.

I have developed a few 2d games for iOS using flash and actionscript 3 but I want to see about exploring 3D development. I checked out the tutorial about the alien in the spaceship but it said I should be familiar with menus and layouts and didn’t give a link for where I could become familiar with those things.

Is there any tutorials or anything for someone starting from complete scratch? Like, what program do you use to build a character and how do you design the 3D pieces? Then how do you link your XCode script to Unity? Do you code in Obj C in Xcode or JavaScript in Unity? Etc. Basic, basic noob stuff. I know this is such a basic question but Google was no help and the forum posts I found were all too advanced. Thanks so much for your help!! :slight_smile:

Well if you are designing 3D models for your game you could always use 3DsMax but I think it cost a bit (I use the one I recieved my UNI). Well, Unitys main coding languages are JAVA, C# and Boo. (Well from looking at the unity program anyway)

The pretty thing about Unity is that you write in what language suits you best (say, JavaScript. Though I recommend learning and using C#, it’s not harder and it’s more flexible). Then, depending on your target build, Unity will compile and wrap your code to fit the platform, so you don’t have to worry about Obj C (or anything really).

Also, rejoice. Unity have already demonstrated Flash builds (based on Molehill if I’m not mistaken) and will likely introduce it officially in 3.5 along with some very cool other features.

As for 3D modelling software, try Blender. It’s free and pretty damn advanced.

I recommend reading through Unity’s documentation, it’s the best place to learn. There are also several official tutorials for the absolute beginners you could follow. Look at Unity - Manual: Unity User Manual 2021.3 (LTS)

I apologize for the incomplete answer, it’s a very broad subject, especially if you plan to do the modelling, design and code all by yourself.