Where to find full architectural renderings.

Hi there, in the day I am a construction estimator. My job requires me to pick through architectural drawings on a daily basis. These drawings have every form of information you would ever need to know. They are all built in autocad.

Many of you I’m sure know autocad has the ability to render and export 3d models which is fantastic. I am making a game at the moment and I wanted to put in a full apartment in the game 20ish floors with real units and functioning elevator. I know this is possible because I have the full drawings made in cad (in pdf form) and cad has the ability to export 3d.

Basically my question is if any of you know of a repository of full (interior/exterior) low-rise/high-rise/condominium renders

Google gave me this: http://www.3dcadbrowser.com/3dmodels.aspx?collection=architecture