Where to find Sprite Transparency Sort Mode setting in URP 3D 2022.3

Hi I’m making a 2.5D game using URP 3D 2022.3.

I know without render pipeline there is a transparency sort mode option inside Project SettingsGraphicsTransparency sort mode. I want to change the sort mode to Perspective, but I can’t find the option in my project with URP.

For example, in the video linked below, I want to render the red circle in front of the white circle. I want to sort the sprites so that in the same layer, the one with sprite sort point closest to the camera gets rendered on the top. But right now it renders the ones with lower z-position in front.

In Unity 2022.3.5f1 I have found transparency sort mode setting in Assets/Settings/Renderer2D, but I am making a 2d game. Maybe in 3d scenes there is a proper asset in the location like that.