Where to find Unity Scripting tutorials? Thanks

Okay, I've had to use Unity Answers to get help with my scripting so far.

I would like to just read a full tutorial on JavaScript in Unity, so I can do it myself.

Where can I find great tutorials on scripting in Unity? I'm working on a 3rd-person RPG. I am willing to learn the Unity language, I just haven't been able to find the resources to learn from.


(You might suggest the "3D Platform Game" tutorial at http://unity3d.com/support/resources/tutorials/3d-platform-game, but I can't get the .zip file to extract. Suggestions?)

Thanks again!

If you want to watch vids: The TornadoTwins cover quite a bit of scripting on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/TornadoTwins

Also a search for "Unity scripting" or "JavaScript Unity" shows lots of good stuff.

For a good read the Unity Script Reference is a gold mine.

For plain old JavaScript try W3Schools and W3Schools JavaScript Tutorial

Question already asked and answered to an amazing degree at:


We have a javascript for Unity module on our site, www.design3.com. It assumes no programming knowledge and walks you through the production of a simple arcade game. The official documentation's also very good.


I think this is extremely helpfull. and if you don’t mind takeing tests they give your more tutorials and a step by step intro into making your own game, theres a simple first game, mario 2d and last mario 3d. Just started it myself and haven’t finished the first test yet but from what I have seen so far isvery impressive.


I found this site very very helpfull and eventhough I am not finished with the tutorials they have givin so far what I have seen is very in deph and extremely helpfull for someone who like a step by step tutorial. Also, if your ok with taking a test over what they taught you in the tutorials, they give you more tutorials that include how to make your own game, first a simple one, then mario 2d, and last mario 3d.