Where to get a Tizen test device in Europe!?

This probably sounds like a stupid question, but where the hell should I get a Tizen test device in Europe (Germany)? For the Tizen challenge I need a Samsung Z2, but ordering it from India makes no sense, because it will arrive here a long time after the end of the challenge period...
Hence, if anyone knows where to get a Tizen phone in Europe, I would be more than grateful if you would share the source! Also, if someone is willing to sell, please contact me!

I got mine from Amazon, shipped from India (took maybe week), but it was used, they wrapped it up like its new!. Fake used box and everything, so just be careful,but the device works well for testing.

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I'm not being able to find any link in any country where the Tizen Z2 is not sold out, if someone has a link. PLEASE SHARE!

I am afraid, Tizen Z2 would not be available officially in Europe or in Americas. You may try using Tizen Remote Test Lab http://developer.samsung.com/rtlLanding.do Or Tizen Emulator https://developer.tizen.org/development/tools/common-tools/emulator for your porting and development activity

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Is it possible to use the TestLab or Emulator to create a distribution certificate?
(as you require a device plugged in for that)
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Just get a DUID. You don't need to plug in the device. I have used the DUID of my Samsung Smart TV it worked fine for phone development. Probably one of your friends has a Samsung TV. I have also heard that you can get a DUID from the Test Lab.

I also wondered about how to obtain a certificate without an actual DUID, as you should only need DUIDs for devices you want to test on. The Certificate Manager doesn't provide an option for that - Luckily the docs (DEVICES > Z > Develop > Getting the Certificates > Creating Certificates) mention:
If you do not have any actual device but want to develop apps and upload to the Store, just launch the emulator virtual machine and use its DUID.