Where to get started?

I am beginning to work on a new game that will rest within an app. I plan on using the unity free edition with both IOS and Android add-ons. My real question is where to begin? Do you know of a website or series of videos that can describe the process of getting started up until the point exporting the game in the devices native APIs?

You could try digital tutors, they just released unity training video tutorials a few months ago :). If you dont wanna pay for those maybe you should start by have a peek into some of the unity tutorial ptojects , you can find those within the “support” section of the site

Best regards and good luck!

I have been a developer for 9 years. I just started looking at game dev using Unity. I recommend you break down this problem into smaller problems:

  1. Learn Unity
  2. Learn the programming languages you wish to implement. I chose node and C#
  3. Deploy to native platforms. Generally, I recommend a platform agnostic tool to help me deploy to iOS/Android type platforms (Xamarin, phone gap). However, I have no experience or knowledge of their ability to work with game development.

look in asset store,
download few assets,
pull it here and there,
export as a game.

that is how we most of us out here do ahead… xd