Where to learn graphic design with Photoshop?

I taught myself how to use Unity, I even taught myself how to code(with patience), but I just can’t see there being any chance of that happening with Photoshop. Seems like the only place to learn any kind of graphic design is at college. I don’t need to be good at it I just need to be amateur. Has anyone NOT learned it at college and could they tell me how they did it? I’m sick of the hundreds of indie pixel art games so I’m certainly not adding another generic one to that list…

Well, Photoshop is more for manipulating graphics, things like adding effects, and doing a little bit more in-depth tweaks and color corrections and what not, so if your looking on how to do that, theres tons of videos on YouTube about it, heres one with a quick search of “Photoshop tutorials”: Photoshop Tutorials - YouTube

If your looking more into how to CREATE these graphics, honestly Photoshop is not the best choice for that… Using something like Paint Tool SAI or Adobe Illustrator is better for actually creating graphics. Heres a few tutorials I found on YouTube for both.

Paint Tool SAI:

Adobe Illustrator:

Something to note, Photoshop is also strictly a Raster-based program, meaning it can only realistically work in pixels, whereas Illustrator is a Vector-based program meaning it can work with making things always look 100% “perfect” and unpixelated regardless of how close or large/blown up you make it, and PaintTool SAI is also Vector-based (but of course both SAI and Illustrator can also do Pixels, and Photoshop CAN do Vectors as well, but im pretty sure its converted to pixels on exporting later…)

Hope this helps you out. I am by no means an artist in any way, and I have little interest in learning art myself, im more of a programmer, the person who puts things together and makes it work rather than makes the parts to do so… I did learn art and design in college, but it wasnt something I put much focus into over the programming im also learning in college.

Either way, you can find sources online and on YouTube and sites like Coursera and such, even useful tutorials on sites like the DeviantArt forums, speak with artists on that site and many other communities, and get some tips and pointers on art, and possibly even make some good friends who could sit down with you over Skype and run you through some live sessions with art.

One last thing to note with art is to also look into the Wacom Tablet, as most artists use this for drawing over a keyboard and mouse. Thats as far as my “art” knowledge goes though.