where to post WIP in steam community ?

Hi, i'm working on a game using unity3d as all the people here on this forum, this time i want to do things in the right way, after a few flops, i readed a lot about making & publishing games, all the articles i just saw was telling about to put a WIP thread on forums even in steam community.

I just searched in the steam community but i didn't found any forums hosting WIP games.

Anyone here knows where to make a post in the steam community for a WIP game ?

thanks in advance for all the help.

I believe there's no such place in steam community.

Steamcommunity is not a forum for gamers. It is a forum for playing a specific game that is hosted on steam. It is also highly toxic, in case you didn't know.

Your option would be releasing it as early access, then you'll get your own forum.

I think they might mean to put up a coming soon page on steam. But for that you probably ought to wait until you have plenty to show that will drum up hype.

posting early and often to show progress of your game in general social media outlets probably isnt' a bad idea. I got a decent amount of people following my work that way and it's a big help to have others playtest. I posted screenshots on imgur and reddit, thats where I seemed to find the most traffic.

I think this way you will at first only attact the most die hard fans and maybe it won't make much of an impact on launch day. But even a small community of people following is helpful for many reasons.


There are a few GDC videos on their Youtube channel about this, you should check there. From what I remember Twitter and Discord are the recommendations.

thanks for the help