Where to put AdMob mediation adapter files in Unity?

This seems like a relatively fundamental step, but I have searched high and low for the exact location to place the various 3rd party adapter files to get them included correctly in Unity on both Android and iOS builds and nobody says it explicitly. Sorry if this is a dumb question but I would really love a simple answer if someone has it!

I have integrated AdMob correctly (using prime31’s plugin, although now I’ve found Google has their own Unity package for free) and am getting ads served from AdMob. I can also see that I’m correctly making requests to my mediation networks (e.g. InMobi, mMedia), but getting no fill rate. On Android if I check the logcat, I see something like

02-18 14:57:27.589: E/Ads(13297): Cannot find adapter class 'com.google.ads.mediation.inmobi.InMobiAdapter'. Did you link the ad network's mediation adapter? Skipping ad network.

For Android, I’ve tried putting the jar files under /Plugins/Android, in subfolders, and outside of that directory, but it doesn’t seem to link. I do also have the core SDKs for each of the mediated networks included. For iOS I assume I’m having a similar problem on putting the adapters in the right place, but am trying to just get it working on Android first.

I’ve also checked that the .jar files are actually compiled .class files (i.e. they are not just source, so they should be able to be included as is without compiling in Eclipse, etc.).

Figured this out for Android at least. It seems the jar files can NOT be nested in any subfolders under /Plugins/Android (both the SDK jars and adapter jars need to be in that folder and not in subfolders). Once I did this, the app finally connected correctly to mediation service.

Hopefully this saves someone else the time I spent trying to be organized and just shooting myself in the foot :stuck_out_tongue:

how can i check that my app is using the mediation or not??can you please help me…i tried to use admob mediation but i cant seem to convert the native android tutorial to unity