Where to put my text files when exporting a project

I have a unity application I’ve just exported. The application does a lot of reading from text files found in ~/assets/data but these don’t seem to be part of the .unity3d file that exports. Where should I stick these files in order for the web version of the application to access them?

It is easiest to load text assets this way:

TextAsset Asset = Resources.Load("Data/Blueprints") as TextAsset;

Asset.text then contains the file data.

Note that you should not use the extension (in this case the actual file is Blueprints.xml). You must also use only .txt and .xml extensions, otherwise unity will not include them in the file.

…or .html, .htm or .bytes as pointed out by Eric5h5.

Make sure the extension is either .txt or .xml, and that they are in the resources folder. Unity won’t drag along text files that aren’t named .txt or .xml.