Where to start and what's next?

Hi, first of all not a native english speaker.
I have been trying to learn Unity for a year now watching How to videos on youtube. but that was a bad idea. cause i din’t understood a lot of it. they do sometimes explain it. I tried watching and reading at the “learn” page of Unity website instead, and i already watched all of Beginner and Intermediate Gameplay Scripting and that cleared up many thing i din’t understand, now i’m starting to watch Live training session Scripting Primer and Q&A part 1-3, but i don’t want to repeat the same thing last year, i feel like i have wasted 1 year. so i want proper Guidance.

TL DR: i want to know where/what i should learn. i know basic stuff.

I really wish Unity’s official tutorials weren’t videos, but the video tutorials are all they’ve got, I’m afraid.



The manual’s better as a reference than a tutorial, but there’s some good stuff in there, especially the Working In Unity and the Scripting sections.