Where to start my project?

Hello everyone, I have the idea of programming a “game”, I want to start with a very simple way, but over time I can work to evolve the work and go refining and adding more complexity, below the basic idea of the project .
Generate 3 zones (at first), each with a specific color and geometric shape, each zone must progressively generate the geometric shapes of the other zones, the shapes worked as passengers who wish to go to their destinations, to begin with I desire Create this logic of play as plan for the future I wish to expand the zones to the real continents and then extend the experience of the game.
The transport of the pieces / passengers will be done through a “box”, which the player can define a route for the box to execute embarking and disembarking the geometric forms.
If I can learn more about programming and unity, the idea is that the game evolves into something similar to an airline manager.
Well, I wrote this brief intention of my idea with the intention of asking for help from you, in case you know tutorials, guides and channels from where I should start to execute the basic idea and then continue the evolution, thank you very much for your time , a hug.

Below is the mockup of the basic idea that I intend to develop.


Go there, do some tutorials, and then you will know where to start. There is nothing specific to your project that we can help with at this point.