Where Unity Store Package Files in iMac

I have installed several plugins in multiple projects of games. But I directly downloaded it from Asset Store. So as per my knowledge definitely these packages source files resides into my system. I am on Apple iMac. So which is the location?

I already gone through multiple similar threads but non giving me correct location.
Please suggest me path for unity package files.

For accessing all installed packages in Unity in Apple system. You need to open your Terminal and type following command in it.

open ~/Library/Unity/Asset\ Store

I will bring up new finder window for you in that you can find all installed unity packages. As per following image displaying.


Way 2
You can view your mac hidden files through this way.

After this reach at this path:

/Users/siddharthtrivedi/Library/Unity/Asset Store-5.x

I hope this answer become useful to other members as well.