Where's the Unity stats page gone?

What's happen to the Unity stats page that is linked to in this blog article


A fantastically useful page for tracking potential user hardware

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I'm guessing the same thing that happened for some patch releases. Something with Unity's cdn and caching and probably dns is not working 100% yet.

The hwstats page was no longer maintained and it was showing outdated information. The link in the blog should take you to the Games by the Numbers report section of the Analytics marketing page:

While the reports are not a perfect replacement, they do contain some of the same data and often contain more specific insights that were not available on the old website.

I also wanted to mention one Games by the Numbers report that is not listed on the site. We had an analytics trivia session at Unite Austion 2017:

While there is no direct replacement, there are companies that specialize in providing market research about mobile games:

For PC games, the Steam Hardware & Software Survey is invaluable:

@ap-unity It's very bad you removed those stats. Even if they were outdated they were still much more useful than other marketing/trending stats out there.


@ap-unity Removing the HWstats page is a massive loss to the Unity development comunity. That information was invaluable for knowing which mobile devices to target.


One of the worst things can possibly be done is done by Unity.


Terrible decision to remove this information. I'm not interested in hand-picked and filtered information gathered for someone's targeted presentation stuck at a moment in time. It's useless within months. Raw, regularly updated data is such a valuable tool to make decisions on what devices and OS versions to support (which can help resolve a LOT of headaches for independent mobile devs). Thanks, Unity, for making our jobs and our lives more difficult.


We hear you, and are taking steps to help resolve the situation.


I hope UT will change its decision. Statistics was very useful

The information is really useful, and you already have it.

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Seems like you're missing the point. Anyway, hoping @JeffDUnity3D can update us. I found great use in the old stats page, and absolutely none in the new.


So, you removed the stats because they were outdated, and replaced them with reports that are even more outdated?
I can access 2017 stats here https://web.archive.org/web/20170825054201/http://hwstats.unity3d.com/index.html
But the reports I see on your site are only for 2016.

Hope this gets fixed soon.


Yes please can Unity tell me where can I find information what is the average android display resolution so that we can compress our textures accordingly? This is real "shame" for unity to cut down such invaluable information. Please bring it back and make it transparent for developers in portal zone. Thank you, Marek.

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It would be great if these could be offered again somehow.

Hi, we used these only to find out which Android and iOS platform versions are still relevant. Info for that use can be found from other places as well, for example:


I used those stats for many years in regards to mobile projects, they have been a critical resource for decision making and it's a big loss that you don't capture and report on them anymore. There is nothing like that out there with a such focus on (mobile) games.

That you (bought and) build up an analytics platform and didn't move these over is a mystery to me.

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Nothing new at all...

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[quote=“JeffDUnity3D”, post:8, topic: 689514]
We hear you, and are taking steps to help resolve the situation.
Still waiting on any news of steps being taken

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We have no new update about the public Stats page.

I did want to clarify that we are not just bringing back the old HW Stats site. The old page was taken down because it was not accurate for numerous reasons. Part of it was maintaining the infrastructure, but also because data is full of edge cases and always needs cleaning. We are going to make sure we handle these issues in the new version so we are sharing more accurate information.

Even if it ends up looking similar, we are creating a new site from an infrastructure and data aggregation perspective. The purpose will be the same as the original: Sharing market hardware trends with developers to allow you to make informed development decisions.

But I did want to let everyone know that we are working on it.


Thanks for the update!