Which assets do you need that don't exist? Let's discuss it!

Hi guys!

Let's open our imagination, and think about tools you would like to have (not existing in the Asset Store).

  • Which problem do you deal with?
  • Which features can boost your productivity and stop wasting your time?
  • Which features do you think are missing?
  • Which system in Unity is quite complex for you?
  • Feel free to add more, say whatever you would like!

Let's discuss it guys!!

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Good question! :smile:

One problem I encounter frequently is copy-pasting Unicode characters (i.e. characters not accessible from your keyboard) to the Unity editor. Whenever I want to use a unique Unicode character (e.g. ↗, ©, π, €, ÷, ✓), I have to Google the specific Unicode symbol, copy it from an online site, and paste it to a TextMeshPro object or code editor/IDE. It takes minimal time (about 10 - 30 seconds) to find the Unicode symbol I need online, but the amount of times I needed to do this adds up over time. Currently, there's no convenient way to have quick access to the Unicode symbols you need from within the Unity editor.

It would also be cool if you could store your favorite/commonly used Unicode symbols for future use. This would definitely reduce the amount of time needed to look up the Unicode symbol(s) you need.