Which Camera projection should I use for 2D game in Unity 4.3

I am new bee in Unity 3d, and I want to know that which camera projection should I use? When I set this to perspective its has broad view and when I set this to Orthogonal it has rectangle shape camera, So I am bit confuse that which Camera projection use, I also googled but couldn’t find any clear hint that which Projection should I use when developing 2D game?

This is probably a question that is better off in the forums, as its answer is subjective and open for the discussion. But to give a brief solution…

It depends on what you are trying to do :smiley:

If you plan to do sprite based stuff, orthogonal is the way to go. And actually, if you set up your project to use the 2D settings (either on project create, or at Edit > Project Settings > Editor > Default Behavior Mode), it should automatically set the imported camera to orthographic.

If you are doing a “2.5D” game (2D gameplay, 3D assets), and want the subtle perspectives when moving past objects, then you may want to use a perspective camera. See, for example, Donkey Kong Country Returns.

In the past, some folks have also used perspective projection with sprites, to create a parallax effect with background images, but this can cause your sprites to appear less crisp. You could also achieve the same effects with an orthographic camera and some scripting. (not sure if 4.3 has any built in tools to directly solve this problem. See the 2D gameplay demo in the asset store).

Perspective Camera will work just fine. Use the Sprite Renderer’s Order in Layer Property to set the rendering order of your sprites.

You can use combination of perspective and orthographic camera. Check my article: Combining Perspective and Orthographic Camera for Parallax Effect in 2