Which corners of a boundary box are which?

So, I found a means of getting the 8 corners in an older question:

   boundPoint1 = collider.bounds.min;   
    boundPoint2 = collider.bounds.max;
    boundPoint3 = Vector3(boundPoint1.x, boundPoint1.y,    boundPoint2.z);
    boundPoint4 = Vector3(boundPoint1.x, boundPoint2.y,    boundPoint1.z);
    boundPoint5 = Vector3(boundPoint2.x, boundPoint1.y,    boundPoint1.z);
    boundPoint6 = Vector3(boundPoint1.x, boundPoint2.y,    boundPoint2.z);
    boundPoint7 = Vector3(boundPoint2.x, boundPoint1.y,    boundPoint2.z);
    boundPoint8 = Vector3(boundPoint2.x, boundPoint2.y,    boundPoint1.z);

But what I can’t find anywhere, is which are which.

Which is the lower front left corner? The upper back left?

I could try figuring this out through trial and error (and I sorta muddled through), but a quick and easy reference would save me a lot of time in the future. The best I’ve found so far is from an answer to the same post:

// top of rectangular cuboid (6-2-8-4)
// bottom of rectangular cuboid (3-7-5-1)

Which at least breaks it down into two separate squares, with their counterparts (6 and 3, for example) presumably being in the same corner (like front left or back right).

But this is about as far as I’ve gotten.

Wait I can just draw lines brb