Which ending (of file) does the linux build have so you can run it?

I exported a game for linux. Now I want to upload it to itch. In the linux folder, there are the following files:
LinuxPlayer_s.debug (4 KB)
Powershot.x86_64 (Powershot is the name of my game) (6 KB)
UnityPlayer_s.debug (7.5 MB)
UnityPlayer.so (32 MB)

Now I am wondering, which one I need to upload, so people can play the game on linux (because I don’t have a linux pc).
Thanks for your help.

You need to upload both Powershot.x86_64 and UnityPlayer.so. Make sure that you do a chmod +x on Powershot.x86_64 first. You should also have a folder something like Powershot_Data. Make sure you zip both files along with the _data folder and upload the .zip file to itch.io.