Which Format must be used with 2D sprites to be shown on Kindle Fire HD (3rd gen)?

Hey there!
I’ve found some trouble while displaying sprites on screen (while running the app on my Kindle Fire HD7’’ 3rd gen). The problem is that sprites won’t show at all. All I get is a blank sprite.

I’ve checked the docs, the specs (at Amazon’s developer page) and some other old questions here and everyone suggest PVRTC as the import format for sprite images in Kindle, which is exactly what I am using right now. I’ve tried using both sprites shaders and the best thing I’ve gotten is a blank sprite (or tinted, but not the image). It’s a 2D game with 2D sprites and sprites are shown while running the game in editor mode, but not while running it on the device. Any ideas?

Here’s a pic of a 512x512 example:

Thanks in advance!

I’ll answer myself since it was such a silly problem.

It was as easy as setting the Graphics Level to OpenGL ES 2.0 in the Player Settings. When reading the tutorials and recomendations on Amazon developers site, they don’t tell you to remember to use OpenGL ES 2.0 (instead 3.0 which was set by default in my computer).

Just be sure to check that tiny thing when building for android devices.