Which game portal websites accept Unity webplayers?

Is there a list of online game portal websites that accept Unity made webplayers?

The following sites are what comes to mind as for sites accepting Unity content.

http://shockwave.com (web + standalone)

http://facebook.com (web)

http://candystand.com (web + standalone)

http://miniclip.com (standalone)

http://kongregate.com (web)

http://wooglie.com (web + standalone)

http://gamejolt.com (web + standalone)

http://blurst.com (web + standalone)

http://bigfishgames.com (standalone)

http://realarcade.com (standalone)

http://boonty.com (standalone)

http://reflexive.net (standalone)

http://musegames.com/ (web + standalone)

http://www.indiepubgames.com/ (web + standalone)




oh, and I heard these guys are also taking Unity games:



Since Unity 3:

Android Marketplace - http://market.android.com/publish/Home

Kongregate now rejects Unity games :

Thanks for your submission. At this time, we're holding off on approving any Unity or Silverlight games. We had some confusion amongst our users due to the new plugins required, leading to games getting harsher responses and lower scores than they deserved. In light of this, we're investigating options to improve the user experience and offer better developer support for Unity and Silverlight games.

We'll be investigating our options further in the coming weeks, and hope to have more information about a solution in early 2010. If we get a working solution we will of course make an announcement inviting developers to upload their games to Kongregate. Until then though, I'm afraid we've decided to not approve any iframe games using either of those technologies.

Thanks again, and hopefully we'll be able to see your game on Kongregate early next year.

edit: Kongregate does accept games made with Unity since Januray 2011.

gamejolt.com also accepts unity games.

Blurst is now accepting game submissions.


EDIT: Muse games also accepts Unity content.


Yeah dimerocker is easy. Just create a game, and upload to facebook account as app.

Currently only shockwave.com and Wooglie.com are accepting Unity content.

hey what about my stil functional website unity3dgallery.com? I haven't had any posts to it or anything and am going to revise it soon to allow uploads from people (uploading their webplayers) but it accepts unity and only unity3d content.

Shockwave3D.com offers now an affiliate program where Unity developers can upload their games and get 50% rev share.

Not sure how active this is: Unicade

Edit: just saw EditorialD

dimerocker.com can be used to submit games to Facebook, etc.

The biggest of them all though will probably be Chrome Web App Store!


This portal (http://www.juegosdiarios.com ) should accept unity games too, please add them to the list if so.

The most recent addition up to this date is Kongregate in web fromat. Adding it to keep like one place to see all web portals.


I would like to recommend you to www.FREEGAMES66.com . They accept Unity games as well as HTML5 and flash games. I’ve worked with them for quite a while and they are quite good. You can contact them through admin@freegames66.com
I hope that it is of use to you.

Hi, Dr-Games is also accept…

I’ve started a free Unity3D sharing website, see the following page for details:

Virtual Autonomy

alt text

i will do but unfortunately it’s not working. i love to play games online or our pc games
Play Online Games Free is my website

http://gameslightning.com accepts unity content. Looks like a new site.