Which Game Topic Should I choose?

I was given an assignment to work with unity3d with following evaluation criteria.
Creativity: 20%

                                            OOP skills: 40%

                                            Game Output: 20%

                                            Game Mechanics and Aesthetic: 20%
Since I am new to unity and to 3D game development which game topic should I choose to work with which can be completed in minimum time and I can show all the qualities above?

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This is your game, so you can do what you want with it, but I would say, don’t try to do the minimum, just to pass your assignment. I know from experiance, a simple, but fun game will be very rewarding. At the same time don’t overwork yourself.

With that said, you could do an “arena style game”, or (if your looking for a small number of assets), even a game like “temple run” (because, it has little advanced gameplay, but that gameplay is fun).

Hope this helps,

You need opp skills, the rest are just derived from the passion from playing video games