Which genre is easier/faster to create?

…as in mechanics and coding-wise. Solo developer. And this game will be heavily-story driven with 3D models and animation so to supplement the lack of gameplay, I’m leaning on 2 choices:

A. shoot-em-up minigame (in 2D) or
B. some parts of the main game will be in First-Person Shooter (3D)

Ideally, I want it to be FPS but I’m afraid it would be much too time-consuming, it will turn out too bland or get pegged as a Call of Duty clone.

Thank you in advance.

Don’t bother with yet another FPS game. A 2D or 2.5D shoot em up game would be good. 3D Fps games are very time consuming though, but if you are going to, be sure to use the Tornado Twin’s FPS Control system. It’s free while it’s in beta. But really, for a solo developer, stick to small games like sidescrollers. Did you know Temple Run was made with Unity by a team of only three or four devs? And Minecraft was created by like one guy. So yeah, you can definitely be successful, but you’ve got to be a lot more creative than FPS. Also keep in mind the nation’s backlash against guns; with all the gun control stuff going around, it’s not a good time to be making FPS games, especially like violent ones. Like COD. Anyway see if you can’t be a bit more imaginative, because that’s what will get you success. Also, FPS games are very art-heavy, and takes a long time for one indie developer.