Which is better for 2D development, Unity2D or 3D?

Hello All,

I need some help! I am new to game developement but based on my many months of research (so much research…a la American Dad) Unity was the best option I found to publish to both Android and iOS. My game concept will be a 2D game, however, I have watched and used many tutorials that allow you to create 2D in either version of Unity. The question I have is which one is better, Unity 2D or 3D for 2D development? I know Unity 2D is new and therefore has a few kinks to work out that some devs are complaining about. My game will be something like Rain Blood(not identical, but that is a good example of an awesome 2D hack and slasher)which was made with Unity 3D. Any help or direction would be appreciated! Ohh, I am a Computer Science and Computer Engineering double major so the coding isn’t an issue. Thanks in advance to whom ever responds!

You download Unity, then build whatever 2D/3D game you want, not seperate versions of Unity.

There isn’t any “Unity 2D”; there is a 2D mode in the scene view that you can toggle off and on, but that’s the extent of it. Sprites, which may be what you’re referring to, are objects that work in 3D space like any other object. So there is no choice to make.

If the coding isn’t an issue, and you don’t need to move your character in the Z axis, then the 2D feature-set is indeed what you’ll want to use, especially for a game like Rain Blood.