Which is better: NetworkView or RPC?

I recognize that the two function differently but for my use, they both can serve the same purpose. So when periodically syncing the position, rotation, and animation state (integer), which is better to use for best networking performance? or is the difference negligible?

It’s better to fire an RPC. NetworkView, if you’re using reliable data, is going to keep it updated always. However, if you turn your network view off and just fire an RPC via the networkView, then that saves a lot of overhead.

However, you’ll want to set some conditions to fire your RPC. For instance:

if(Vector3.Distance(myTransform.position, lastPosition) >= 0.1)
			//Capture the player's position before the RPC is fired off and use this
			//to determine if the player has moved in the if statement above.
			lastPosition = myTransform.position;
			networkView.RPC("updateMovement", RPCMode.OthersBuffered,
			                myTransform.position, myTransform.rotation);