Which is better programming language for beginners in Unity?

My friend knows pretty well C++ but also knows a bit of Javascript!Unity supports C# and Javascript,wich is better for him ? C# wich i thing it is similar with C++ or to learn a little bit more about Javascript and use that???

C++ has very little in common with C#, but that doesn’t matter - C# is more powerful, more supported, and has a more long-term future than Unityscript.

c# is the most popular language on unity, thus more documentation, support, example and etc…

it is easy to understand when you have a c++ background since the syntax is similar.

The most common mistake people do when they go from c++ to c# are on how reference work.
If he know a little about java, he could get into c# very fast.

Unityscript can be easy to start but it leads to many pitfall and lack a lot of feature that c# have.

There are pros and cons to both

C# has more documentation and can be used for so much.

UnityScript “I just call it javascript” has an easier to understand syntax, and would probably suit you better as being a beginner.

I would recommend learning both that way you have the advantage of looking up documentation for both, and being able to translate one language into another.