Which is the best Unity C# Book?

I know XNA C# Programming.
Now I have moved on to Unity 3D.
I feel that C# is better than UnityScript in the longer run.
Please guide.

The C# is mostly the same. Look at the docs for Monobehavior and Start/Update/OnCollision. It takes a while to get used to Unity wanting you to put multiple small scripts on objects, instead of one big one. But the docs cover this pretty well. Then it takes a bit to get used to the actors all being GameObjects and also Transforms that know how and where to draw themselves. In general, Unity does a lot more automatically than XNA.

Once you get the general idea, http://docs.unity3d.com/Documentation/ScriptReference/Transform.html has links to all the built-in Unity specific classes, often with small examples. Transform has shortcuts for using local coordinates and aiming yourself. Rigidbody has functions for interacting with built-in physics. Physics has raycasting and area checking. …