which object is Plugins/API.dll attached to

I have a project that uses a API that is saved in Assets/Plugins/DataStreamer.dll. In the same project there is also AndroidJavaObject as a unity java plugin : Assets/Plugins/Android/libs/classes.jar (). This unity java plugin sends out data with a java method:

using com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayer

So if I want to send data to the API DataStreamer.dll, I need to know ObjectAReceivingScriptIsAttachedTo.

Q: to what GameObject is the API attached to??

Duh. Found a solution: Gonna call some other function in an ordinary Unity script and create a bridge between JAvaAndroidPlugin and a API. Sry Was to quick to ask a question, before I really gave it a good thought.
Aldo I am interested if someone knows the answer or another solution to a wrwpper function.