Which one is better for 2D gamemaker or Unity?

I know there may be some bias typing this in a Unity chatline but let me just say what i want to accomplish.
I want to have a 2D action RPG in collaboration with 1 of my friends. None of us have experience coding which is why I was considering Gamemaker Studio 2. I have heard positive and negative things for both game making engines and I need a solid answer on which one is better and why. I’m willing to listen with both sides.

I’ve never used Gamemaker but I’d say that it seems pretty good. Unity it amazing and has soo many features that are hard to beat. Of course, it’s always hard to compare two Game making programs such as Unity and Gamemaker. Also, Unity is extremely advanced for 3D games - for 2D games too - but it is more specialised for 3D games and the majority of Unity’s budget is most definitely on that end. Gamemaker seems to be specialised for 2D game making which probably makes it more profitable to use as a beginner.

Do NOT base your judgement solely on my answer as it is extremely subjective! I haven’t even used Gamemaker!

Sorry for not really giving you a “solid answer” but it’s hard…

To be honest, I think you should go with GameMaker as it doesn’t seem to require as much coding and seems more like a drag-and-drop coding environment which is good for beginners but really restricts the possibilities of coding the game.

Unity is free though…

Thanks for your input! Ill make sure to keep it in mind