which one to choose between playmaker and Node Canvas?

Hi Everybody!

I am currently working on 2.5D puzzles platformer game with a gameplay similar to games such as Inside, Limbo and Little Nigthmares.
As I am working on my own, I am searching for ways to work more easily and faster.

I would like an asset wich allows me to easily add my scripts, animations and designs to the already existing ones. Of course, good support from the asset developper is crucial.

I did a bit of research and found out that PLaymaker and Node Canvas might be what I am looking for.
I don’t know if this matters or not but I am working on mac OSX.

However, it is idfficult to chosse between one of them because they both look great!
Because I cannot afford to buy them both to try them out, I am relying on your experience.

So wich one would you think is more suitable for my project?

For example, my character should be able to do basic actions such as walking, running, jumping, hiding, falling, swinging on a rope, pushing a box, grabbing an edge, climbing, dying, etc. (no need for fighting, just maybe sometimes struggling).

Ennemies should be able to do the same actions and also be able to catch/kill the main character (Zombie-like AI).

If you want or need more details about my project, please reach me on my Unity profile.

Thanks in advance for your help and guidance!



I used Playmaker, well back when Unity 5.x was new, for a while until I was good enough in C# and with the Unity API that it became faster for me to code by hand and I recently started using Fungus for AI and behavior trees. Fungus is a free asset, probably less hand-holding though, but the community is helpful. I haven’t used Node Canvas, but I don’t think Node Canvas has nearly as many general features as Playmaker. If I wasn’t already satisfied with what C# and Fungus did for me now, I’d go with Playmaker.

Also, I’m not sure of anything that really does all the work you say you need done for you. You should build a prototype first then work your way to more complex features, like the IK wall climbing. You might need a team or to buy more than just one asset if you are wanting to go for a serious commercial project.