Which programs should i use for programming a game?

Back when i was in high school i took a computer programming class and I loved it! We used c++ and made small programs and by the end of the year we made screensavers as our huge end of the year project, we made small games thru out the year too. Well now I have a full time job and bills and cant go to college but i want to relearn the c language and learn how to use unity etc and make games. My question here is this, what are all of the programs I need to make a game? I know I need Unity, C# and that’s all that i know of. I know i need more like a 3d modeler and not sure of anything else, could someone please tell me what programs I need? I want too look online and buy books for each of the programs and learn how to make the games Ive always dreamed about making. Thanks

A good 3d modelling program would be Blender, it’s free and it has all the main features you’ll need. Unity and a 3d modelling program are the main things you’ll need, but you can of course get audio and image editing programs etc… There’s no real set list - Good tutorials can also be found on the web :slight_smile: