Which sound files does unity support for games?

I need to know which sound files Unity supports for games on all platforms.

The audio file formats that Unity can import are .aif, .wav, .mp3, and .ogg. Unity can also import tracker modules in the .xm, .mod, .it, and .s3m formats. The tracker module assets behave the same way as any other audio assets in Unity although no waveform preview is available in the asset import inspector.

Audio in Unity is either Native or Compressed. Unity supports most common formats (see the link below) and will import an audio file when it is added to the project. The default mode is Native, where the audio data from the original file is imported unchanged. However, Unity can also compress the audio data on import, simply by enabling the Compressed option in the importer.

Take a brief look at link Audio Files Supported Formats in Unity

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