Which TextureFormats are currently supported?

Just looking for some documentation of what texture formats are supported, currently it seems like TextureFormat.RGBAHalf isn’t working. Or it is forced back to ARGB32.


Is there any documentation on this?

@IsaacsUnity @kapolka
We could really use some information on this.

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@kapolka sorry to keep pinging this thread but do you have any update on this query please?

Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you! Basically, the best answer I can give you is what Apple referred us to, which is the Metal Feature Set Tables (specifically, Apple8). Generally, we expect that Unity will support anything in that table, but not all of the formats that Unity supports are in that list (notably, Metal doesn’t support 24 bit texture formats). Also, the formats allowed for RenderTextures are much more restricted, and we haven’t yet gotten a definitive list of them from Apple. The only ones we’re really sure of are R8G8B8A8 (the default) and maybe R16G16B16A16_SFloat (the only one we’ve been able to use for depth textures).