Which tutorial should I start with for the ground up?

I looked at several of the tutorials but can't find the correct one to start with. Which one should I use if I have no experience at all with unity? What about the one I might use if I have very little experience modeling? I am learning both.

thank you.

I would consider taking a look at this book:


It has really helped me. Its is basically a very long tutorial.

Good luck!

Might be an idea to start with the Unity Basics section of the manual, from the official Unity3D site

I'd also say, go for the book first. It's no wasted money. Once you're through that, have a look at UnityJumpStart. It shows you a "Proof of Concept", creating a simple space shooter from the ground up. You won't need much previous knowledge for that.

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Edit: I compiled a collection of tutorials and resources which can be found under this answer


This was a really basic tutorial straight from unity, and it doesn't require programming experience.


I have the Unity Game Development Book which is nice also.

I am just a beginner in Unity, and only have a small understanding on how this all works, but i have been using two main sources for learning Unity. They are both people on YouTube, who have started making game development vides using Unity.

The one i redomend the most, as he goes into lots of detail, and happens to be a college professor is:


The cool thing about his tutorials are, that he goes at things step by step, and covers all aspects of game design, from scripting to modeling to animation.

The other one is:


These guys are a set of twins, who go into the more hands on take of the development process. By this is mean, they show you how to do, you follow, and you make the things as they do. The one thing i do not like about them is, that because they are more 'hands on' the things you learn are limited to what they show you, rather then how the other person shows you the ways to learn on your own.

Either way i hope i have helped a little bit, also is the Unity Book worth the money? I am thinking about buying it, but i don't want to buy it and find out it has been outdated.

We try to collect links to all known Unity tutorials on the webs here. However, there are no sorting by experience level or quality of content.

3dbuzz.com has a very nice introductory series of video tutorials, which is my personal favourite :-).