Which type of connection is best for multiplayer?

Hey folks,

I am creating a game for the PC, and I am going to be making it a multiplayer game.

I have been trying to follow the iPhone multiplayer tutorial as this is the only one I can find without going on the asset server to get the one done by leepo.

My question is this, What do you think is the best connection type to use??

Master Server / Client

Server / Client using Direct Connection

Server / Client using UDP Broadcast connection

Any advice would be great


Euan Hislop

Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages and it really depends on your distribution and target market as well as your type/genre of game. Take a look at the Zero to Hero guide even if you don't follow it's tutorial it explains the differences and advantages of each method. It's honestly the best Unity tutorial I've come accross, I'd be suprised if he didn't win the UniKnowldge contest which he made it for.